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Description: This workshop is geared toward artists, designers, and explorers who know how to take photographs, scan drawings, or use digital tools to generate imagery, and want to learn how to make these visions come to life in virtual reality. The workshop will cover easy-to-learn techniques that turn the typical 3D production process on its head and allow for rapid prototyping of spaces that look and feel the way they were intended to.

David Lobser is the Senior Artist-in-Residence at NYU’s Media Research Lab. Lobser is engaged in physically co-located, multi-user VR experiences using Holojam, mixing procedural techniques with the human touch to create lush virtual worlds. He has an extensive background in commercial animation and visual effects and has taught animation at Harvard University.

Pre-requisites: Experience working with Photoshop or similar & a basic understanding of Unity. Participants will need to bring a laptop (mouse & tablet is useful but not required), reference images and designs to be dissected and rebuilt in 3D (layered Photoshop files are especially useful), Photoshop & Unity will need to be installed prior.

What You Need to Protect Your Work In Today’s Digital Age


Description: Streaming Media, HD Audio, social media, Artificial Intelligence. These and other new technologies are having a major impact on the way music is distributed and consumed resulting in a surge of opportunities for Artist who have that entrepreneurial. Veteran music producer Steve Keitt will lead a discussion that focuses on the various ways Artists can leverage new technologies to both monetize their creative works and push their careers forward. The discussion will also include a surprise special guest.

Steve Keitt Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Network Engineer

Music producer for recording artists Kid N Play, TLC, Salt N Pepa, and Debelah Morgan. Writer and Producer for the theme music to the television show “Martin” staring Martin Lawrence. TRAKHEADZ.COM, a social music networking site that caters to music lovers and entertainment professionals looking to discover or promote new music

Apple 099 – Mac OS & iOS Foundation Building for Media Professionals & Digital Content Creators Workshop

Description: Apple 099 – Foundation Building for Media Professionals & Digital Content Creators is a workshop designed to help those who are not familiar with the Mac OS environment for Desktop and Laptop computers and the iOS environment for iPhones and iPads, which are all used today to create content in today’s digital media realm. The goal of this workshop is to have you not only understand the apple environment but to also become capable in the apple environment to develop and produce media with the use of the apple environment. 

Da’Shawn Pretlow is a Digital Media Educator, Content Creator & Coach.  A native of New York’s Lower East Side, Da’Shawn has 24 years experience in the independent and community media maker movement and 20 years experience as a media instructor.  Da’Shawn’s main goal when coaching and teaching is to make sure people walk away feeling inspired, capable, and empowered. Empowerment is a mantra for Da’Shawn, which is the catalyst for his passion and enthusiasm through teaching to ensure everyone he connects with is walking away capable and empowered.

Pre-requisites: Bring your laptops and devices!

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