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JUNE 2, 2018



@ the Harlem Hospital Center



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TECH PEOPLE EXPO welcomes ” I AM A MAN” VR Experience” Saturday, June 2, 2018

Exhibit Short Synopsis: (Run Time 15m)

 I Am A Man VR Experience is an interactive virtual reality experience set to the historic events of the Civil Rights Movement. Users will witness the Memphis Sanitation Worker’s Strike and the events leading to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. using the Oculus Rift VR headset. The VR project was created by Derek Ham in partnership with Oculus through the Oculus Launch Pad program.

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Description:  I Am A Man VR Experience is an interactive virtual reality experience set to the historic events of the Civil Rights Movement. Users will witness the Memphis Sanitation Worker’s Strike and the events leading to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. using the Oculus Rift VR headset. The VR project was created by Derek Ham in partnership with Oculus through the Oculus Launch Pad program.

Derek Ham PhD

Derek Ham, PhD is an independent VR developer who also teaches as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at North Carolina State’s College of Design. He completed his doctoral work in Design Computation from MIT, holds a Master’s in Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Hampton University. 

Description: Creating Virtual Worlds with Tilt Brush & Unity  This workshop is geared toward artists, designers, and explorers who learn want to learn the basics in Virtual Reality.

Pre-requisites: Experience working with Editing Software or similar & a basic understanding . 

Will Roberts

Will Roberts is the Founder and Creative Director at Augmented Pictures. A small Harlembased VR/AR animation studio that creates immersive media that both educate andentertain. As an award-winning Designer/Animator, He has spent over a decade working on visual styling for professional athletes, interactive stories for New York Times Best Selling Authors, VFX and animation for film and design for virtual world platforms. Formally trained in 3D Animation and New Media design with deep roots in illustration, in2008 Will got his start in VR as a entrepreneur and virtual world builder in the popular VR platform “Second Life”. Outside of world building, Will manages to get away from the computer as well: From documenting the lives of Liberian war orphans, to reimagining the reading experience to leading “LIFT”, a youth empowerment workshop in Harlem; his perspective on design and virtual world building is heavily influenced by his experiences in the real one. He is passionate about living stories, folklore, design, co-creation and the human experience.

Description:  This workshop 

Rashad West

Born in Boston, MA, Rashad West has over a decade of experience in various mediums including professional sports, education, business, and leadership. During his college career, Mr. West was nicknamed “The General” by announcer Dr. Jerome Anthony Barber for his willingness to direct his teammates in the heat of battle. He would later be nominated as a NCAA Bob Cousy Award nominee given to the nation’s candidate who emphasizes leadership, teamwork, success, and fundamentals. This foundation along with every summer interning in a different area at the media conglomerate Capitol Broadcasting Company would develop the principles that Mr. West follows in his continuous development of his business acumen.

After graduating from Hampton University, Mr. West entered Corporate Finance in Loss Mitagation at Wells Fargo, then as an MBS Analyst at Credit Suisse during summers and time off from pursuing professional basketball abroad. After finishing his professional tout overseas, Mr. West gained startup experience working with Blast Software Systems as the VP of Business Development and General Assembly where he worked in Frontline Operations for the co-working space and school. After these great experiences, Mr. West decided to come out of retirement from basketball to end his playing career with a bang. Devoted to community service, Rashad West has also been a volunteer, speaker, mentor and proud founding member of The Catalyst Network Foundation based in New York.

Mr. West is now building a successful career with foresight and vision. Currently focused in Sports Technology and entrepreneurship, he is pursuing interests he is most passionate about. A Businessman and Athlete recently turned Consultant, he helps organizations establish viable product life cycle and GTM strategies through product testing, R&D, and market testing. He now resides in Raleigh, NC and is learning new skills looking to make dreams a reality and thoughts become things!

Description: L.Michelle Salvant,, has been a leader in the Broadcast Media Industry since 1997. Her Christian Faith and passion to document it has caused her to be affectionately known as “Jesus Christ Publicist,’ which she says comes with a Life Mission of producing Media that changes lives for the better. In 2016, L.Michelle and her husband, Sgt. Christopher King Salvant Sr., began their Virtual Reality journey, which has since included the development of a one of a kind Christian VR Storytelling App, BelieveVR, and the creation of the Mission:VR program which introduces Churches/Ministries and Educational organizations to Virtual Reality and the practical ways to use it. In late Fall 2017, L.Michelle was selected to be a part of the second round of the Google JumpStart Creators program, where she produced, The Rattler Film, The first VR Film to feature the Florida A&M University “Marching 100”. L.Michelle currently serves as the VR lead for the University under FAMU’s Division of Student Affairs. She resides in Tallahassee, FL with her husband, Sgt. Christopher Salvant Sr. and son, Christopher Jr.

The Rattler Film…A partnership between LMichelleMedia & Google’s Jump Start Program is the first VR Film to feature the Florida A&M University “Marching 100”.


Jonathan Priester

Jonathan Priester is an Account Strategist at Google serving as a member of the Global Support and Performance team. At Google, Jonathan is responsible for growing advertiser’s business at scale across multiple verticals by serving as a liaison to educate, consult and provide policy solutions via the full suite of Google AdWords products. In addition to his work with clients, at Google Jonathan serves as a Co-lead of the New York chapter of the Black Googler Network (BGN), Google’s employee resource group dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion both at Google and throughout the greater tech community.

Prior to his time at Google, Jonathan has had the opportunity to develop a strong background in digital marketing, merchandising and account management through a combination of digital roles at JCPenney Corporate and agency experience at BBDO, AMV BBDO and The Godwin Group.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Jonathan is a graduate of the Boston University College of Communication and The University of Texas at Dallas School of Arts and Humanities. With a Bachelors of Science in Advertising and Masters of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication respectively, Jonathan is trained in both branding and marketing disciplines.

Jonathan currently serves as a member of the ADCOLOR Advisory Board, an organization dedicated to tackling issues of inclusion and diversity across advertising, technology and creative industries. Jonathan is also an advisor to the executive board of Operations Crossroads Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to building cross-cultural networks through service based exchange trips in countries across Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean.  

Jonathan is a proud member of the 2010 Most Promising Multicultural Student Program and was recognized as the American Advertising Federation 2016 Most Promising Multicultural Student Program Alumni Rising Star.

Robin J.

Founder/Managing Editor:

Robin J. is a journalist and tech professional based in NYC. Her music discovery platform The TakeOvah fills the void of quality press for emerging artists as mainstream musicians dominate the airwaves, and most large publications. Coupling new talent with extensive insight from music legends, The TakeOvah offers a space of education, exposure, and advancement within the underground music community. With niche focus and leading with a “followers don’t dictate talent” approach, it’s been the first point of both press and performance for many. In tech, she’s an Operations lead at tech giant Uber; developing culture programming for the Tri-State region.

Patrick Lucas Austin

Patrick Lucas Austin is a writer, photographer, and staff reporter for Gizmodo. You can find his work in media outlets like Black Enterprise, Complex, Consumer Reports, The Verge, and The Wirecutter. In 2016 he served as a news curator at Facebook and in 2015, he and his brother ran an underground pastry delivery service catering to the rich and lazy of New York. He’s currently working on a book of poetry about the internet, and a photo series of animals hiding underneath cars.”​

Jason Swanston

Jason Swanston has over seventeen years of animation, video game coding, and computer science experience. He was born on July 7th, 1976 in New York City, to a mother who worked in data processing for over thirty years, and to a father who was an entrepreneur throughout the U.S.  Mr. Swanston’s family unit pushed him to be as creative as possible, and encouraged him to learn everything about anything that peaked his interest.

At the age of thirteen, he was accepted into the Science and Technology Entry Program for minorities at New York University after meeting their I.Q and computer science comprehension requirements. At the age of fifteen, he enrolled at Columbia University to pursue a passion in biology.

After finishing his university stay, Jason decided to study video game programming, and new media design.  At seventeen, he taught himself video game coding by going to Barnes and Nobles for hours on end to read books on how to write and build video game platforms. Soon, he began to build his first video game, K-9 Contact (a cyborg dog fighting video game, with a eagerness to end dog fighting in the U.S.), as well as several other animal interactive games P2P video games. He eventually was asked to become a graphic designer for several record labels.  By the age of nineteen and for the next 8 years he became a respected digital strategist and grass-roots marketer for platinum recording artists and labels such as: MCA, Universal Records, Geffen, Dreamworks, Arista, Bad Boy, Death Row, Priority, Relativity, Ruthless Records, Interscope, Sony, Colombia, Def Jam, Polygram, Select Records, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, Jay Z, P. Diddy, Kanye West etc.

Mr. Swanston is a leader in new media technology for today’s millennial. He has launched OVNIO (a Social TV Network ( The site launched in beta back in 2015. The site garnered over 240,000 plus subscribers. His company partnered with the leading content delivery network, LIMELIGHT in NYC to track his beta testers viewing habits. True to his expectations, OVNIO beta subscribers viewed OVNIO’s channels for up to six hours per day. Subscribers continuously watched scheduled programmed streams and socialized via OVNIO.  Jason and his young team of curators back to the drawing board to perfect the OVNIO user experience and re-launched OVNIO in 2014. Currently, OVNIO is still in beta phase and gradually attracting millennials throughout 150 countries. His OVNIO site ( is in direct competition with popular TV sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Roku and Amazon fire.

Jason’s software and new media education, skills, and abilities transcend well beyond his bio. He has comprised a team of young innovators, curators, and content aggregators as a staff to create a paradigm shift in the online TV entertainment space. OVNIO brings together the cable subscriber, music consumer and movie buffs to one cable TV website for millennials in real-time.


Tech People TALK!

Join Us For Our Master Classes, Workshops & Panels

David Lobser is the Senior Artist-in-Residence at NYU’s Media Research Lab. Lobser is engaged in physically co-located, multi-user VR experiences using Holojam, mixing procedural techniques with the human touch to create lush virtual worlds. He has an extensive background in commercial animation and visual effects and has taught animation at Harvard University.

Description: This workshop is geared toward artists, designers, and explorers who know how to take photographs, scan drawings, or use digital tools to generate imagery, and want to learn how to make these visions come to life in virtual reality. The workshop will cover easy-to-learn techniques that turn the typical 3D production process on its head and allow for rapid prototyping of spaces that look and feel the way they were intended to.

Pre-requisites: Experience working with Photoshop or similar & a basic understanding of Unity. Participants will need to bring a laptop (mouse & tablet is useful but not required), reference images and designs to be dissected and rebuilt in 3D (layered Photoshop files are especially useful), Photoshop & Unity will need to be installed prior.


Description:  Grandmixer DXT who won a Grammy Award for the film “The Defiant Ones” will show attendees how he sync music to film.  This workshop is geared toward artists, designers, and explorers.


GrandMixer DXT

Musician, producer, song writer, DJ, and Original Bronx B-Boy GrandMixer DXT, along with Herbie Hancock and the Rockit Band, received his 1st Grammy Award for Best R&B Instrumental Performance in 1984 making DXT “The 1st Turntablist on the planet earth”. This was the first time a hip-hop style record was awarded a Grammy. In 2014 DXT made history again by  having been presented the honor of being inducted into the Guitar Center Rock Walk of Fame. His mentor and friend is Hancock was present to witness this event. 

More recently GrandMixer DXT was part of the music production team who won a Grammy Award for Best Music Film in January 2018. The music scored was for the HBO documentary “The Defiant Ones” – a four-part documentary series which tells the life stories of both record executive Jimmy Iovine and record producer Dr. Dre. GrandMixer DXT wrote, arranged and produced scores for scenes in this original HBO special. Currently DXT is producing music for artists such as TS Monk and Allison Williams, as well as working on his own Original and First of Its Kind Project



Jordan Stone

Jordan Stone has always loved the cinema. He spent his childhood watching movies on 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and then on video. There was no television at home. Films were shown on 16mm almost every night at home. Very early on he learned how to operate the family’s 8mm projector when he was 6 years old and watched Buster Keaton’s “The General” until he knew every frame, in addition to other Keaton films and Douglas Fairbanks’ “The Mark of Zorro” as well as Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Fatty Arbuckle. Jordan has worked in the film business since he was 12. He worked at the Edinburgh Film Festival, attended the Havana Film Festival, then started work in Production as a Second Assistant Director and has been a First Assistant Director for more than 30 years working on feature films, commercials, and music videos. Before moving to Milan, Jordan was based in Los Angeles for 8 years working on films with Francis Ford Coppola, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tony Scott to name a few.

Jordan was born in New York and moved to London when he was six years old. At school he studied Film, drama and photography. His parents, Barbara and David Stone established the prestigious London art house cinema chain, The Gate Cinemas and Cinegate Distribution where they premiered films by Fassbinder, Rosi, Bertolucci, Wenders, Oshima, Szabo, Mizoguchi, Scorsese and Woody Allen, among other great filmmakers. Previously they had produced independent American feature films and documentaries. Jordan also started producing along the way and has worked with Sofia Coppola, Spike Lee, Mike Figgis and Willem Dafoe on various projects. In 1998, Jordan started programming the Cinema Mexico and Cinema Centrale in Milan, Italy with films in original language. He invited directors and actors to the openings to great success. In 2007, Jordan started writing “film pieces” for Conde Nast’s Vogue Italia and Casa Vogue.  In 2009 Jordan was the Italian Producer on Sofia Coppola’s film “Somewhere”. In 2010 “Somewhere” won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival In 2011 he produced “Claustrofobia”. A Dutch thriller shot in Amsterdam by first time feature director Bobby Boermans. In 2013 he writes, produces and directs, “Irwin Fran”. A feature length film with and about Professor Irwin Corey and his wife of over 70 years, Fran. Susan Sarandon narrates and Dick Gregory is interviewed. In 2013 the film wins the Best Film Award at The People’s Film Festival in New York City.

imdb:  website:  He watches movies all the time…


Description:  Location Lighting on a Budget  This workshop will feature tips and strategies for lighting on-location with a limited budget. Topics will include understanding color temperature, use of existing light sources and selecting affordable lighting instruments for shooting on-location. 

Tiffany Blount

Tiffany Blount is an independent content creator and MNN’s Manager of Media Education, developing and supervising classes and curriculum for New York City’s largest non-profit media education organization. She holds a Master’s Degree in Digital and Multimedia production and worked as a Producer, Editor and Director for access television stations in St.Louis, Missouri. 


What You Need to Protect Your Work In Today’s Digital Age


Project Get Yo Life: The Digital Etiquette Workshop


Da’Shawn Pretlow is a Digital Media Educator, Content Creator & Coach.  A native of New York’s Lower East Side, Da’Shawn has 24 years experience in the independent and community media maker movement and 20 years experience as a media instructor.  Da’Shawn’s main goal when coaching and teaching is to make sure people walk away feeling inspired, capable, and empowered. Empowerment is a mantra for Da’Shawn, which is the catalyst for his passion and enthusiasm through teaching to ensure everyone he connects with is walking away capable and empowered.

Pre-requisites: Bring your laptops and devices!


Description:  The Harlem Knights FIRST Robotics Team of 1660 Frederick Douglass Academy I will be demonstrating the functions of their robot TinkoKong, who was designed and built with a six-week time constraint to play the game FIRST POWER UP in the 2018 season. TinkoKong can pick up and score “power cubes” on a switch both in autonomous and tele-operated mode. Through the demo, they will be sharing what they have learned through this process while advocating for support for STEM education in underrepresented communities. 

Harlem Knights FIRST™ Robotics Team 1660 of Frederick Douglass Academy I

Believing in the potential of our urban students to become influential innovators and engineers of the future, the mission of the Harlem Knights FIRST™ Robotics Team 1660 of Frederick Douglass Academy I is to provide hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning through the exciting challenge of designing and building a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. With the support of faculty and volunteer mentors, we foster important life skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership and gracious professionalism while seeking to raise awareness and support for diversity in STEM in the Harlem community and beyond. 

Tech People EXPO!

THE PEOPLE”S FILM FESTIVAL will host a full day of  TECHNOLOGY featuring Exhibitors, Speakers, Panels, VR Lounge, Workshops and films at the:


SATURDAY, JUNE 2, 2018  OPEN from 10:00 A.M.– 7:00PM


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10:00 — 11:00 Register Gallery
11:00 — 11:45 WILL- Creating Virtual Worlds with Tilt Brush & Unity- Workshop Gallery
11:45 — 12:30 GENERATION CYBER -Master Class Gallery
12:30 — 1:15 Jordan Stone – Master Class Gallery
1:15 –2:00 3D Workshop Gallery
2:00 — 2:45 “DIVERSITY IN TECH” – Panel MAIN STAGE
2:30 — 3:30 Manhattan Neighborhood Network – Lighting Workshop Gallery
3:30 — 4:15 MCU Gallery
4:15 — 5:00 Tech – The Evolution of Media: Bridging the Gap Between Cultures – Panel Gallery
5:00 — 5:45 Project Get Yo Life: the digital Etiquette – Workshop Gallery
5:45 — 6:30 GRAND  MIXER DXT – Master Class Gallery

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