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THURMAN COMES HOME Bruce Goreman USA • 2017 • 8 min • Drama

A homeless man reflects upon his life when he is unexpectedly visited by an old mentor.

BRUCE GORMAN, JR. (Writer/Director/Producer) is a New York-based filmmaker and writer living in New York City, and the founder of Calliope Pictures. Thurman Comes Home is his debut short film. He is currently in production on his first feature film, entitled The Clown, for which he is also the writer, director, and producer. The Clown is expected to enter the film festival circuit in 2018. For more information, visit

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT This is a film about redemption – not only for Thurman, who has spent virtually his entire life in prison or on the street, but for his old mentor Mr. Josephson as well. It is also a film about the far-reaching impact that an act of kindness can have, and the unknown effect people can have on one another.

The story of Thurman was inspired by a real-life “Thurman” – a homeless man and repeat criminal offender who always pled guilty to every drug and larceny charge and, accordingly, spent half his life in prison. Yet behind that lengthy criminal record, and down-on-his-luck, streetwise look of a man whose gaze one might otherwise avoid if one encountered him on the street, lay the heartbreaking story of a child with no support, no role models, no direction – and ultimately, no home. The story of Thurman Comes Home is an effort to arrive at a higher understanding of Thurman’s life, and to reinforce the idea that all life has value. Thurman Comes Home was filmed on January 7, 2017 in Edison, New Jersey and New York City. The script called for cold weather – 18 degrees, to be exact – and a snowstorm that day provided unexpectedly ideal conditions – and, amazingly, 18-degree weather. The actors and crew braved the elements, keeping warm in a nearby car whenever possible, and filmed until just past 12:30 a.m.


  • Thurman . . Richard Bird
  • Mr. Jospehson . . Wesli Spencer
  • Young Thurman . LaVon Tart, Jr.
  • Concerned Woman . . Caroline Brody
  • Deceased Thurman .. Navon Bird


  • Writer/Producer/Director Bruce Gorman, Jr.
  • Associate Producers . . Richard Bird Wesli Spencer
  • Director of Photography . Rafael Moses
  • Camera Operator .. ChiHong Yim
  • Sound Recorder ..
  •  Jose Ochoa, Jr. Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer . .. Ken Wilkenson
  • Editor . . Ian Carsia