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SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2017, 10:00AM Julia DeBurgos Performing & Arts Center 

THE JUMP Jamal Hodge Eric Lockley • HARLEM, PREMIERE • USA • 2016 • 7 min. • Youth

HARLEM PREMIERE As a child, Eric believes that the water is magical. In the water, there is nothing he can’t do. But a life-changing encounter with bullies at a pool plants seeds of self-doubt. Still haunted by the experience as an adult, Eric decides that the only way to take back control over his life is to get back into the water. If he can face his fears 30-feet above the water, then he’ll rediscover his magic–and realize he has had the power to conquer his fears all along.


  • Matthew Jenkins Key Cast
  • Eric Lockley Key Cast  – Midway, A Riot in the Dark, Failosophy, Knockout Game
  • Bianca LaVerne Jones Key Cast – How To Tell You’re A Douchebag, Hard Times, Burned, 12 Steps to Recovery, Burned


  • Jamal Hodge Director  The Kind Ones, Threading Needles, The Wife, An African-American in Russia
  • Eric Lockley Writer
  • Eric Lockley  Producer
  • Jamal Hodge Producer