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SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2017, 5:15PM Julia DeBurgos Performing & Arts Center 

THE COLOR OF RAGE Vigil Chime USA • 2016 • 90 min. • Drama

The COLOR OF RAGE takes place in Abuja, Nigeria’s sprawling capital. It tells the story of a happily married couple, Maureen and her husband Hilary. She is in the crosshairs of Uche, a beautiful and ambitious young woman who wants Maureen’s seemingly perfect life.

Hilary, too, has his own troubles. Presley, a man with whom he works, threatens to expose a secret Hilary is desperately trying to keep. Arrogance and hubris will always get in the way. Thus blinded, Uche and Presley fail to see they’ve pushed their victims to the breaking point. But even a rat, when cornered, will fight.

Vigil Chime