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Project Description



SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2017, 10:00AM Julia DeBurgos Performing & Arts Center 

Sara Seligman •  Mexico • 2017 • 12:00min • Documentary

NORTHEAST PREMIERE 10-year old Héctor wants to ‘fly,’ like the voladores in his community. His single mother can’t afford the costs, but Héctor is determined to achieve his dream, and through hard work and a little help, sets out to do what others in his community have done for generations – FLY.

Héctor, a 10-year old boy, wants to be a volador – a member of his village’s ancestral flying community – but his single mother can’t afford the costs.

Héctor works the fields in his free time, refusing to give up on his dream of becoming a flyer. His effort gets the attention of a veteran volador, who decides to help Héctor in his quest.  This doc-narrative hybrid wants to allow the audience to enjoy the beauty of the ritual and the amazing culture that surrounds it.

Sara Seligman