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Project Description



SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2017 @ 12PM -8PM

BORN IN EXILE   Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg • Jordan / UK • 2016 • 360 film• Documentary

Our VR film ‘Born into Exile’ tells the harrowing yet hopeful story of two pregnant Syrian refugee women in the week leading up to the births of their babies. Worldwide, 500 women die daily in crisis situations due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. But that figure is just a number…unless you meet the women at risk of becoming a part of those statistics. This 360 film transports us into the life of 17 year old Victoria. A child bride at 16, Victoria is now 8 months pregnant with her first child, living in the searing heat of the Jordan Valley, uncertain of how to get the help she needs to ensure a future for her baby. Her story is intertwined with that of 29-year-old Tahany, a closet feminist. Tahany may wear the veil but, through her voice and her words, we understand how strong is her belief in the power of women to bring change. Tahany is a proud mother of 4 girls, trying to make the best life she can for her girls inside Zaatari refugee camp, with her fifth child on the way.

  • Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg Director
  • Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg  Writer
  • Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg Producer
  • Ignacio Ferrando Margeli VR cinematographer
  • Jeffrey Anderson Binaural Sound Design